Sunday, May 15, 2005

172. Stop-Loss (for Frank)

Five little men
came over the hill
so we shot them;
five more little men
didn't, circled behind,
and shot us instead.
This was so totally
unfair, I didn't join
the Guard to get shot at.
I joined for educational
benefits, a couple of useful medals,
and a patriotic jolt
to my CV. I feel kinda bad,
you know, like, sad about the guys,
afros and ethnics mainly,
a couple of rednecks, because
they got killed, not my fault
I jumped in the only hole,
wouldn't you? Bummer. The thing
I can't get my head around
is why these raghead foreign bastards
we've come all this way to save
act so ungrateful, shooting
at us!! This whole damn'd country
should be turned into a parking lot.