Friday, July 07, 2006


East Jesus

Nowhere, East Texas,
set down on the courthouse square,
walk over to the store,
dark and dim, take a moment or two,
to adjust from the outside glare.
Three pair
of cold unfriendly eyes
look me up and down:
Where you from, boy?
Uhh, Dallas.
You stayin long?
No, sir.
Can I buy some stuff, is that OK?
If your money's good
yewkun bah whut yew lakh.
No satisfaction
in that transaction: walk out
and some lizard-like lounging lout
spits a gob of tobacco
right in the shadow of my shoes.
This is totally calculated, calibrated,
so I look in his rattlesnake eyes
and think "Oh fuck, I'm outta luck"
but don't look shook or frustrated.
"Y'all have a nice day now,"
I drawl with a smile and a wink,
(you need a Stetson to really pull this off,
you tug at the brim, look constipated)
hoo, that made that bastard blink!
Scoot back quick into the car,
ignition, ignition, ignition!!
get me, get me outta here!
Whoa, slow down,go almighty slow,
'cause only a fool would fail to know
that the county sheriff is around the bend,
"Well, well, pull over mah little friend"
and he don't take checks or credit cards.
Ahh, Texas.
I dunno.
Give it back to Mexico?


The bells of hell
go ting-aling-aling
ting-aling-aling, ting-aling-aling,
the bells of hell
they ring-a-ling-a-ling,
for you but not for me.

O mournful mournful is my role
as horror-struck I view
the used-up hanky of your soul
dissolve into the blue.

The bells of hell
go ting-aling-aling
ting-aling-aling, ting-aling-aling,

O Death where is thy sting-aling-aling
O grave thy mysteries?
Across the hot and heartless highways
armadilloes whacked by SUVs.
O we may weep into our pillows,
and we may weep in lanes and byways,
our emotions can be such a tease.

they ring-a-ling-a-ling,
for you but not for me.

Her name is Yuki
and she tells me that means snow.
I know. She has bad teeth but a nice smile,
and like all girls, she wants to be liked,
and not chased and used and thrown away
and cast into the blue.

My feelings, sorry, don't run deep.
I'd really rather go to sleep.

When girls ignore guys
people smile and call it a game;
when guys ignore girls
it's suddenly not the same:
no, somehow, that's not funny.