Friday, August 04, 2006

267. Breaking News

Whatever it takes,
between station breaks,
allow your mouth to do the walking
and never once stop talking;

Anderson Cooper
induces stupor,
but, consistently, most of all,
what really drives me up the wall

is Colonel This and Brigadier That
who woof-woof at us rata-tat-tat
with their steely eyes and lantern jaws
about events, yet never the cause

of the unfolding dreadful situation
in a small and faraway foreign nation
when any fool can easily tell
that they don't know really what the hell

is in actual fact transpiring;
this is sad, it is totally uninspiring,
as innocent people continue to die
and they focus on what, but can't say why:

half-cocked blather, ill-prepared,
"news" by and for the thought-impaired.

Under the moon and under the sun
all humankind must learn,
that those to whom evil is done
WILL do evil in return.