Tuesday, April 24, 2007

294. Oisin at 'Chez Kao' - April 22

Down to Kao-san's for the monthly seisiún ... good craic as usual! We tried out a couple of new numbers on the crowd once we were pretty sure they were drunk enough not to notice the mistakes -- and we'd had enough in not to worry about mistakes, either! There were hardly any slip-ups, to be honest. We're getting better all the time, probably because we are playing more often together.

I think what it really comes down to in the end is knowing exactly what key to start in with for each song and getting the timing down for when the different instruments come in. It's a ferocious lot of things to remember when you're doing 20-25 songs one after the other but it gets to the point where we all know what's coming next and don't need to be thinking about it. Still, we need a clatter of new tunes and songs. There's plenty of them out there. Thank you, Ireland!! In other news, NORI-BO, the SANSHIN (samisen) player from Okinawa with the black specs and the fedora will be joining us as a guest player down in Shizuoka next week. The sound fits in well. I'm thinking of asking him to join the band as a regular. I know damn well he wants to. OK, kid, we'll give you a trial ... but it ain't that easy!!