Thursday, October 13, 2011

454. Liberty & Security v Endless War

Don’t get me started on the Israelis, tearing their robes in sorrow. I’m as sorry as anyone about the Nazi Holocaust during WWII but why do the Palestinians have to pay for German sins? Why did America and European nations refuse to take in Jewish refugees from the Hitler terror even before the war broke out? Simple answer – didn’t care, didn’t want to. So now we dump the problem on others.

Palestine - A Land Without People for a People Without Land. Total and utter nonsense.

To this day the Irish government recognizes the State of Israel as ‘de facto’ and not ‘de jure’ which means that we accept the fact of its existence but not the ideology that lies behind it, i.e. Zionism, which we correctly and accurately describe as racist and selective.

We know all about this Chosen People brainwash from our own experience with a “Protestant State for a Protestant People” in the north of our own island. This kind of thinking is unacceptable in the modern world and the longer the Israelis persist in their persecution of the Palestians and their usurpation of their lands the longer our sympathies will remain with the Palestinians.

So-called terror tactics (all War is unleashed terror) bring no results without a strong political structure. A weaker power cannot afford tanks and airplanes (never mind uniforms) so it goes to war on the strength of a collective ideal – usually a fuzzy idea of liberty and the shape of things to come and a very sharp and focussed wish to expel unwelcome foreign occupation. You take horrific casualties and you wear your enemy down, and in the end you bring him into a negotiated settlement which is what happened not only in Ireland (first South, and then North) but also in Algeria and Vietnam. Also America in the 18th century, come to think of it. Other examples are there to be found. Try Google. Without a strong and united (and popularly supported) political structure behind the armed struggle, ready and able to negotiate with the Other Side, the guerrilla fighters are left out on a limb in a cycle of endless slaughter. This is the basic and essential factor that the Palestinians so far have not been able to get their heads around. And so the cycle grinds on.