Sunday, October 10, 2004

100. Say It Ain't So

The whole business is inflammatory, Joe. This is an election for the future of the world. Non-Americans all over the planet are 70% in favour of Kerry, which translates into 70% disapproval of Bush. Who or what is Kerry, never mind, get the Shrub out of there double quick.

Bush was sending a message to his "core people" with that reference to Dred Scott. He does this all the time. His speeches and public pronouncements are laced with buzz phrases that are lifted directly from the apocalyptic vocabulary of Protestant Fundamentalists -- including even the Rapture people. Never heard of them? Unfortunately, a lot of policy decisions of the present administration start to fall into place when you hear of this agenda.

Incompetent idiots we can just about put up with; running a national government in line with undisclosed religious beliefs, totally impervious to factual counterchecks (reality, in other words) is a frightening -- and inevitably disastrous -- way to run any country, never mind the most powerful country in the world

This is only a random selection. Do a "Google" and you will come up with dozens of these sites.

Does Bush believe in this stuff? I don't know. He is certainly behaving as if he does.

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> I hope this is not too inflammatory, but for all of you who were
> wondering why Bush brought up Dred Scott in the second debate, the
> answer is here
> dred_scott_all_.html#more
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