Thursday, February 17, 2005

153. The Ballad of Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly walks
Bill O'Reilly talks
Bill O'Reilly walks and talks.

Bill O'Reilly walks to work
Bill O'Reilly talks at work
Billy is a total jerk.

(Something you'd pick off your shoe
If you'd nothing else to do)

(How much indeed?) Posted by Hello

Billy's claim
To an Irish name ...

Has nothing to do
(I swear it's true)
With the plain dacent people of Ireland!

O, Billy, tall and wiry,
Tongue both forked and fiery --
Blue-eyed panderer,
Serial slanderer,

("Why don't you just shut up?") Posted by Hello

You think the money
Takes away that funny

Lying as a way of life,
Sucking up to power,
Paid by the hour,

What the hell:

'We report, You decide'
Not true.
'Fair and balanced'
Not true.
'Some people say'
Not true.

Rupert runs you like the Mob
Kiss his ass, and keep your job.

(What you see ...) Posted by Hello

Maybe once there was a choice:
But who remembers William Joyce?
Media deceiver,
True believer ...

Arrested, tried, and hanged.

My God,
two peas in a pod ...

You're a very nasty piece of work:
As I said, a total jerk.