Tuesday, September 06, 2005

208. The Devil Sends Forth a Dark Angel

cold, arrogant, unmerciful,
aroused himself from the flames of hell:
and on a Monday morning
with malevolent forewarning
he did (again) what he does so well.

harsh, aggressive, self-righteous,
had aroused his deep displeasure:
I cannot abide,
he said, competing pride,
and American dead shall be my measure.

wild, raging, unstoppable,
raced speedily forth at the Devil's command:
under pitiless attack
like the poor of Iraq
her victims (in thousands) came to hand.

icy, calibrated, inscrutable,
lives beyond the Leaders of the Hour:
in the past, the present, and forever after,
victims of war and disaster
pay for games of pride and power.