Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (poem)

I loved her, God knows I did,
her pale oval face
her shining eyes,
her tumbled tangling hair
just drove me
to distraction.

Jane, dear Jane, just happened,
a pretty prostitute
met by chance;
her clever fondling fingers
gave me sexual

Dizzy, drugged with love,
I painted
both of them,
many times over, paintings
that scandalized, met critical
harsh reaction

Lizzie I married, she died,
and so did our baby girl
(whose footsteps I heard
for the rest of my life);
Jane understood, restored me
from inaction.

My poems, buried with Lizzie,
I couldn't recall:
I began to fret, wilfully
opened her sleeping grave,
reclaimed the little book, reeking
of putrefaction.

These things I did, I freely confess,
I was an artist!
I followed my art, unwilling
to assist in the life of my time,
careless of young women, ignoring
human decency.

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